We have piqued your interest!  That’s GREAT! 

Below we’ve shared a lot of great information about what we do and how easy it is to own your own business! 


This is Us…

N-Compass TV provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a successful Indoor Billboard Business within a few short months. We show our Dealers how to partner with busy local hotspots, organized by neighborhoods, to host a screen and then sell advertising. We connect communities by sharing local businesses’ stories. N-Compass TV provides all the technical and strategy know-how. We have been in this space for 10 years, so it’s not our first rodeo. Our turnkey proven model in an exploding industry lets you hit the ground running.


Real Money…Real Simple

You’re making an investment into your future.  We know this and we also know that the goal of this investment is to get a high return that allows you to live the life that you design!

Our model is simple…


Revenue may vary depending on how much time and effort you put into the business.

Are we a good Match?

We may not be for everyone, that’s OK…

If you are...

 Open minded and eager to learn
• Not afraid to talk to people
• Tired of working for someone else
• Ready to design your own future
• Willing to dedicate time and effort into your business
• Positive enthusiastic thinker!

If you are more like...

• Talking to people is not my thing
• You like to be micro-managed
• Don’t really like to learn new things
We’re probably not a good fit,
but that’s OK!

In the Beginning

We work with you to design an EXCLUSIVE territory that is solely yours to build your network with confidence knowing you’ll never have to compete with another
N-Compass TV Dealer.

N-Compass TV can be found in several hundred communities across North America.

What we Do:

On-going training and Dealer support

Build and maintain your website

Custom design your business logo and marketing materials

Monthly webinars and strategy sessions


Tech support and training


Creative team creates and designs your ads

What you do: 


Talk to business owners about becoming a Host Location

Install digital billboards inside Host Locations

Sell advertising spots

Manage your relationships with your Hosts and Advertisers


You will join our team in Colorado for a
two-day training 

To go along with our ongoing training program we have developed an initial training program, that is highly rated and reviewed, that will teach you everything you need to know to run your business.

I like it! 

What are my next steps? 

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