Our story begins in 2008. N-Compass TV leadership saw a huge opportunity in the burgeoning digital media market. We set up over 100 indoor billboard locations in Denver, Colorado and later Long Island, NY. We made many discoveries. We learned what to do, but more importantly what not to do and then realized we could help entrepreneurs in their own communities. We envisioned creating an indoor billboard network using TV’s and digital media players that connect to the internet to service the advertising needs of local businesses through out the United States and world.

To drive the growth of our vision, N-Compass TV developed a global Authorized Dealership program, allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring our unique model to their communities.

Today more than 80 dealers are growing their networks in communities just like yours. We’re servicing thousands of customers with more than 1,000 locations around the world.

As we started adding Dealers who were building their networks, we realized off-the-shelf software to manage the playlists, loops, ad uploads and removals was not meeting our needs. We began coding our own proprietary cloud-based software called SystemTV. Our software allows our customers to play what they want, where they want, whenever they want. System TV turns televisions into powerful messaging displays. This digital signage content management platform software allows us to scale exponentially. This project gave birth to our GoCode Division with offices in Romania and soon, the Philippines.

In our ever-changing world of technology and marketing, the N-Compass Management Team then saw another opportunity- Guest WiFi Marketing. Our first product to launch to our Authorized Dealers that also serves the needs of small local business owners to get their message out and communicate with their customers. N-Compass Node is also our own proprietary software and a second project for our GoCode Division.

N-Compass TV, N-Compass Node, and GoCode all fall under the umbrella of N-Compass Global Holdings.

N-Compass TV is registered as Evergreen Digital Media Corp in the State of Nevada.



Don Winfrey

Don founded the company in February of 2008 and has served as the company’s Chairman and CEO since its inception. He is active in all aspects of the business including corporate strategy, finance and key client relations. Don’s vision of creating a local based business opportunity for entrepreneurs that focuses on supporting small business owners is what drove him to bring together the seasoned management team behind N-Compass Global Holdings. As a result, N-Compass TV is asserting leadership in the burgeoning digital media industry. Don studied business administration at South West Texas State, is a proud Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and enjoys life in the Colorado mountains with his family.

John Hernandez
President, CTO

John Hernandez has been the President since the company’s inception, and has served as a Director since 2009. Mr. Hernandez’s focus is on the development and evolution of the company’s products and services. Mr. Hernandez has previously held the position of Executive Vice President of Azur Holdings, a small cap company that focused on Commercial Real Estate and Finance. He also served as the Regional supervisor for Xentel DM, an International Data Management company, where Mr. Hernandez oversaw a staff of 120 and managed all aspects of the company’s operation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Phil Salice
International Sales Director

Phil Salice was one of the founding investors of N-Compass TV and has served on the Company’s Board of Directors since the company’s inception. Mr. Salice also chairs the N-Compass Capital Advisory Committee, and has been successful generating investment and working to carefully apply these funds to fuel N-Compass TV’s growth.

Ron Burford
National Training Director

With more than 30 years of sales and training experience, Ron doesn’t consider himself a “salesman”. He just likes talking to people. When he’s not working, you can find him exploring his home of Lakewood, CO with his family and wondering where the beach is he left behind in Florida. Ron’s excited about helping people start their amazing journey with N-Compass TV. Almost as excited as he gets on spaghetti night…he really loves spaghetti.

Jodi Burford
Client Services Director

Jodi’s greatest asset is her personality. Never in a bad mood, her patient and engaged style makes her the person you want in your corner. Besides her passion for helping entrepreneurs be successful, she has a list of accomplishments including running several businesses and a sales career. She can find the positives in anything! A self-proclaimed coffee addict, the office appreciates the fresh-brewed pot awaiting our arrival to the office.

Susan J. Mann
Director of Business Development

Jack of all trades, Susan is delighted to have been on the N-Compass Team for the past 9 years. She has worn many hats with our organization including Sales, Client Services and Training. Susan loves to enhance processes and streamline workflows and one of the most organized people you will ever meet. When she's not working, Susan can be found singing and dancing with the 4th in world ranked barbershop chorus.

Jocelyn Smialek
Creative Director

Jocelyn oversees the day to day creative operations including logo design, website design and essentially anything else design related.
When she’s not providing creative direction to her team, she can be found in the vast Colorado backcountry climbing rocks with her husband and their two dogs, or with her stash of yarn knitting all the things.

Brian Miller
Director of Field Operations

Brian has been with N-Compass TV since day one. Before N-Compass, he managed a call center for 16 years. He currently manages the playlists and loops for all of our Dealers through our proprietary software, SYSTEMTV. If there is ever a problem in the field, Brian is the to go-to guy. He also assists our Dealers with component player check-in and installations. He loves helping people succeed with technology.

Sarah Singh
Administration Manager

Sarah manages our Account Receivables, as well as uploading ads to our proprietary software, SYSTEMTV. In her free time, Sarah’s focus is on her family. With her daughter, Reagan, a cat (Chucky), a dog (Lulu), and a turtle (Mister formerly known as Bella- long story), Sarah never has a dull moment.

Jeff Dewey

Jeff’s perfect day: Up at sunrise either riding his bike or hiking, arriving at the top of Mount Evans. Top the day off with whitewater rafting in the afternoon and then sitting around a campfire at night with friends, swapping stories from the day. With more than 30 years of sales and training experience, his work helping new N-Compass TV Dealers on their journey still ignites that fire in his belly knowing they will love the effort it takes to reach the top of their mountain!

Cat Phanthamany
Lead Designer

A team leader and an overachiever, she aims to make sure everyone stays on track. Majoring in animation, motion graphics has become a full time satisfaction. Aside from grinding those work hours, her outside enjoyments include horror movies, hip-hop and sci-fi stories. She also has an obsession for all things bunny related, and does creepy illustrations.

Lindsay Scott
Client Services

Lindsay says she feels like she escaped the hotel hospitality world when she joined the N-Compass TV team August 2017. She feels she has been given an opportunity to do work she absolutely loves! Lindsay excels in her role as the bridge between the Dealer and design/creative team.
Lindsay also has a dog. She is a monster.

Caitlin McGraw
Motion Designer

Caitlin is a killer Motion Designer at N-Compass TV. She enjoys expressing narratives through this medium whether it be for a small business or for a quirky freelance project. Today, she enjoys video games, breweries, concerts, and playing with her cats. She aims to live her life with the same mentality as her hero Tommy Wiseau.

Manny Perez
Motion Designer

A virtuoso in a breadth of design software, Manny is a strong visual communicator using fundamental art and advertising principles. Always committed to creative teamwork, Manny loves creating designs that are memorable and is always in search of an original visual solution. When not at work he loves hardcore rap music, bodybuilding and Hello Kitty.

Jonathan Decorion
Product Engineer

Jonathan is passionate about programming both in web and mobile development. He enjoys researching the latest technology in his spare time. Jonathan used to work as a web developer for 6 years but now works as a mobile developer. He also plays some musical instruments like guitar, bass and keyboard in a band.

"Ron is an energetic individual that makes you feel like you can accomplish the world! He makes you feel like “you got this!”

– Lena Davis | GC Indoor Ads

"Jeff is full of information and made you feel like you can do it ALL! He’s very real and motivational."

– Lena Davis | GC Indoor Ads

"Lindsay’s ability to accomplish the technology world is inspiring. She’s such a friendly woman!"

– Lena Davis | GC Indoor Ads

"Brian is funny and very informational with anything technical. He’s definitely a great person to have in your pocket."

– Lena Davis | GC Indoor Ads

"Jodi is gracious, shows concern for the clients, great interactive skills, lots of fun, knowledgeable"

– Neil Hirsch | On the Mark

"Susan's energy is so infectious!"

– Lena Davis | GC Indoor Ads

"The design team is the best, they always come through with a[n] awesome product that my clients always love! "

– Scott Siegel | IBN Long Island

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