Over the last 9 years, N-Compass TV has created a network of community-based entrepreneurs (Dealers) who have a business in Indoor Digital Signage. Screens are placed inside high volume popular places of business in each Dealer’s exclusive territory. Advertising is then sold to local business owners in the area. This results in residual income to the Dealer. There are currently thousands of installed locations and advertisers with a goal of servicing 10,000 locations that are local and Dealer-owned.

Who is right for this opportunity?

We don’t expect you to know the advertising or marketing industry, however it is best suited for those that enjoy sales. Our most successful Dealers come with a desire to succeed, are outgoing, and like meeting and talking to people.

We’ve taken the concept of the billboards on the side of the highway and we’ve brought it indoors into very popular, high traffic locations in your community like restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  We give you all of the training, technology, and world-class support you need to build a network of indoor digital billboards in your community. 

What Do N-Compass TV Authorized Dealers Do?

Partner with popular places of business organized by neighborhood in zones to install a TV and a Component Player and connect to the internet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to do this! Once your zones are set up, you’ll sell advertising on the screens in your zones and enjoy residual income. Once you break even and start making a profit (easily done in a few months), you will Scale and Repeat.

Select Locations

for your Indoor Digital Billboards that have actual value to your network

Create Referrals

so you can have an endless stream of business coming your way

Offer Services

in a way that shows maximum value to make maximum income

Receive Income

so that you can watch your monthly revenue continue to grow and grow

Embrace & Repeat

the process to scale your business and your income to any size you choose

Where are N-Compass TV Authorized Dealers located?

Our N-Compass TV Authorized Dealers are located in communities like yours all over the world. Dealers are able to use our technology to give small local businesses a huge competitive advantage in their communities by creating a network of Indoor Digital Billboards. We provide all of the training, the technology, and the world class support you need to build a network of these Indoor Digital Billboards in your community.

Example of a 'MicroZone'

Dealers build up microzones in their community to build their networks.

Meet a Dealer

Tommy Baugh joined N-Compass TV in 2016. Learn more about him and how this opportunity has allowed him to build his own successful business.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Dealer?
We use the term Dealer for an entrepreneur who purchases the business opportunity.
What determines a Territory?

We use several factors to carve out a protected territory: population of approximately 200,000, geographic size, and density of businesses. The cost for the opportunity is $25,000 and includes 10 Component Players. If a Dealer is interested in larger territory, we have a package for $50,000 that includes 25 Component Players and a population of approximately 500,000.

What is a Host Location?

A Host is a high volume, high traffic, popular place of business with a good dwell-time organized by neighborhoods or Microzones. 5 Hosts make up a Microzone. Microzones are the building blocks to your success.

After a 30 year career in Radio management and Corporate mandates, I can call the shots! I came across N-Compass. I built my network and continue to expand in the Chattanooga Tennessee and North Georgia Area. I cannot believe that its been almost 5 years since I started. They gave me the tools and support for a new business and can not thank them enough.

Jeff Fontana

Owner, Fontana Group Network

Territories are SellING Fast.