Testimonials from Our Dealers

” I had a great experience with John and Jeff in San Antonio. Training was great as they both shared with me some great knowledge and nuggets. I appreciated also the field experience as it drives home how much this is a “field” business. ” 
Ed Ukaonu

Georgia-IBN, LLC

 I wanted to follow up with you and provide some feedback from the training on Monday and Tuesday.  John and Jeff were fantastic.  Very professional, answered all my questions, and most of all left me with the “charged up, go-get ’em” attitude one hopes to receive after a sales meeting or conference.  While I have a lot of work in front of me, I have never felt more confident about my decision to partner with N-Compass than I did on the plane ride back!  I will be spending most of the next few days getting all my ducks in a row so I can start making some approach calls with some prospective Host locations.

Jeff- Thanks again for “showing me the ropes” and your way of calling on Hosts.  I won’t hesitate to contact you with any questions.

John- It’s pretty clear that you’re a smart dude.  The forethought you have given to the product (especially the Node) with respect to the setup for selling more advertising is awesome.  Thanks for taking the time to run through everything on Tuesday.

I look forward to the next steps of my new career with N-Compass!  This is the feeling that I’ve been missing over the past few years, and I’m excited to be partnered up with good people! ” 

Aaron Anselmo

Ballyhoo Digital