Community Focused Indoor Digital Billboards

Want to start your own Digital Marketing Agency?

N-Compass TV’s business model has a high revenue potential and low start up costs.

What is a Digital Billboard?

Our Indoor Billboards are in popular places all over town. From restaurants to gyms, doctors’ offices to auto repair, you will be seen wherever your customers go!

Billboards can’t be skipped or paused or blocked. Consumers on the go are targeted where they spend 70% of their waking hours.
Reach your customers where they are on the go in their daily lives.

Why N-compass tv?

N-Compass TV is a premier leader in the Digital Out of Home and Retail Media industries. Our focus is primarily on community hot spots such as restaurants, gyms, salons, bars, retail, auto shops, and much more.

By integrating local news, weather, and sports scores into the content on screens, we are able to create valuable ad space for you as a dealer but also serve as a bulletin board for community events and stories.

Build Your Agency in 3 Steps

Here’s how you’ll build your digital media business opportunity from start to success.

Build Your Network
Build Your Network
Light blue map with animation of businesses with Screens above popping on to the map showing a network of locations
Partner with Local Businesses
Partner with Local Businesses
Gif of a light blue location marker on a dark blue background that sycles through icons for a gym, grocery and medical
Generate Residual Revenue
Generate Residual Revenue
a Gif of a stack of money animating on with a lime green background

Maximize Your Market with Exclusive Territories

At N-Compass TV, we ensure your success is not diluted by competition — by providing you with an exclusive territory. This means that within your designated area, you hold the sole rights to deploy our digital billboards. 

Your Support System

N-Compass TV provides support to you in key areas of the business to allow you to quickly and sustainably develop your infrastructure and revenue streams.


N-Compass TV’s proprietary software allows for quick and easy ad uploads to any billboard(s) within a dealer’s network. The custom-built dashboard shows you key analytics and allows you to pull reports for your clients. 


We’re dedicated to empowering your business with the tools and assistance required for sustained growth and prosperity.


Your client services team coaches you through each phase of developing the business. Consistent support and education prepares you for rapid network development and revenue growth. 

Go Beyond The Screens

Don’t stop at screens!  We help take your dealership to the next level with Multichannel Advertising. This allows you to be a true omni-channel full scale digital marketing agency! We do all of the work in-house, provide analytics and reports to your clients, AND we meet with them every month to explain the results and help you increase their monthly ad spend.

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Social Media Management


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Social Media Ads

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Pre-roll Ads


Streaming Audio

Website Development

Design Services

Indoor Digital Billboards

Why Choose Us


Their advertising solutions were a major factor in getting my podcast off the ground. I’m thrilled to give a shoutout to the team at N-Compass for the amazing job they did helping me promote my new podcast ‘The Weight Loss Injection Revolution. When I launched my podcast, I was hoping to get a decent number of downloads. But in just two months, my show hit over 10,000 thanks in large part to the Facebook and Instagram ad campaign N-Compass designed. The N-Compass team used their marketing magic to create ads that really resonated with people interested in health topics. They targeted my ads to reach the perfect audience. The campaign drove tons of great listeners to my podcast and got me into the top 5% of shows. I can safely say their advertising solutions were a major factor in getting my podcast off the ground. Their expertise in running and optimizing ads helped build an excited audience that keeps growing. I’m thrilled to continue this successful partnership!”

Dr. Josh L. Podcast Host
Dr. Josh L.

The N-Compass team is skilled, responsive, and far exceeded our expectations. We very much enjoyed working with N-Compass. Sean has been extremely responsive, and what I really love is that we’re working with a team of people. When we had our first on-boarding call, there were seven people sitting in the room. There was no way I could hire one person who was as skilled as each of those seven people. They were experts in their area. One of the challenges we face [with marketing] is that we are a mobile business, so we’re moving from market to market. A benefit of working with N-Compass is that they have data for the markets we’re moving between, which allowed them to reach our target demographic in each city. The importance of this really showed during the Little Rock Campaign. We did $200,000 in sales in the first three weekends. N-Compass helped us reach our main goal of increasing our door sales. Overall, we’re excited to continue working with N-Compass as we move into the Memphis and Saint Loius markets.”

Kyle M. FunBox
Kyle M.

“I was looking for an opportunity that didn’t require too much down but would allow me to be my own boss and make a great living.  I was happy to be thriving in my own community and exceeded my sales goals in my first year of business.”

Jim Montoya Grand Junction, CO
Jim Montoya

“Just a little over a year into it, we are seeing recurring revenue that is covering costs and showing a profit. Our community is very excited about the product as it is fairly new, and nobody else is doing it the way that we do it. With over 90 screens up and rolling, we are excited and look forward to the future.“

Bill Christman ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI
Bill Christman

The N-Compass team is extremely supportive, flexible, and always willing to help. They have been willing to look at all of my ideas and explore them to make sure that we have the best solution possible for both the dealers and N-Compass… I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with N-Compass and very excited about the future of this business!

Joel Studebaker  HUDSONVILLE, MI
Joel Studebaker

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