A longtime salesman, Bill’s drive to grow his dealership and hit his first-year goals demonstrate the work ethic needed to run a successful business.

“Been in sales my whole adult life. I’ve owned a couple of businesses through the years–my first business was the old 10-foot satellite dishes in the 80s. I was one of the biggest retailers of satellite dishes before the small dishes came in and did a lot of restaurants, bars, etc., as well as residential homes. Got to meet a lot of celebrities through that business and had a great time… I sold that business in the late 90s and got my real estate license and opened up my own brokerage in 2005. I went on to be a top 5% real estate broker in the state of Michigan, according to Hour Magazine.

Had success in the real estate world and after years of that decided to start looking into something else, and that’s when I heard about N-Compass. Although we’re brand new, only a few months in, we love the model and are dedicated to seeing this be successful as well. We just installed our 30th host and are moving toward our initial goal of 50 hosts in 6 mos. We will hit that goal shortly. The support that we’ve gotten from N-Compass TV’s team has been second to none and we are very appreciative. I personally love the idea that we have an unlimited opportunity as far as income and can go as far as our work ethic takes us.”

Bill Christman / Detroit, MI