This month we’re featuring Blake and Sarah of Wild West Connects, who since starting their network in May of 2022 have put up over 20 screens in their Wyoming Dealership.

What was your professional history prior to starting your Dealership?

Sarah: My professional history has been in the agricultural industry (cattle & horse associations, animal health, land management); mainly office jobs organizing paperwork, customer relations, etc.  I have published a few ag related articles in a national magazine.  My job now is helping farmers become certified organic and doing the paperwork for loading and unloading grain trucks. 

Blake: I have had blue collar agriculture related jobs for the last 20 years.  I have worked and managed grain handling facilities: Loading and unloading trucks. Loading railcars.  Grain grading and segregation.  Customer relations.

I am currently working full time on a large-scale organic crop production farm.  Planting, tillage, harvest, and equipment repairs takes up the entire year.  

What led you to start your own Dealership?

Sarah: Being our own boss, making our own schedule, and financial freedom are the most appealing aspects of starting this business.  An extra bonus is helping local businesses.  Being able to help more on my family’s ranch is another motivation to be our own boss.

Blake: All the things that come with being our own boss…. work schedule, self-motivation, set and achieve goals, financial freedom, create a Legacy! Also, the ability to help my dad on his farm when needed and still help my current farm boss during the busy season.

What has your experience been as an N-Compass TV Dealer?

Sarah: At first, I couldn’t believe we were actually starting this business.  I’m shy and not much of a people person! However, I do like talking to people about their own business and how they got started.  I like getting to know the businesses in our town and recommending a place to someone in need of a service, etc.  We have met wonderful people! I’m amazed by the people coming to us asking about advertising with us after only 23 screens up in two different towns.  I thought for sure it would take a little longer.  I am enjoying every step of the process.

Blake: Immediately nervous.  Patrick settled those nerves with a complete checklist of how to get started: Create the business, name, logo, insurance.  Everything.  It was smooth.  Great training on zooms that we can refer to whenever! When we finally got host locations up we had 12 screens in 8 locations.  Quickly took that to 23 screens in 18 locations.  Talking to potential advertisers is something you get better at By Doing.  We have big goals for 2023! We are having fun! Always listen to the people training.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Learn from their experiences.  They have already been punched in the face.  They are teaching you how to defend and attack.