Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Dealer?

An Authorized Dealer is an entrepreneur who has purchased the N-Compass TV business opportunity.

What Determines A Territory?

Protected Territories are determined by population. We offer three Territory Packages: 150,000 in population, 300,000 in population and 600,000 in population.

How Are Host Locations Selected?

As part of your training, we will cover what types of businesses make the best host locations, as well as the host pitch and script. We will also map out your territory with you to help select the best businesses to speak with. Some examples of host locations are: restaurants, coffee shops, bar & grills, oil change and car washes, gyms, bowling alleys, grocery stores and medical offices. Essentially, any location with good traffic and customer waiting time.

Do You Have to Have an Office or Employees?
This is a Home-Based Business – No brick and mortar, rent, inventory, or employees are necessary at the beginning. Our model is completely scalable – how large you want to grow is up to you, which may include hiring sales or support staff to manage your network.
The Dealer is responsible for installations. Some Dealers perform installations themselves, while others hire a subcontractor to install for them.
Who Inputs, Designs, and Uploads the Ads to Run on the Digital Media Players?
WE DO!!! N-Compass TV creates full motion or static ads from the Host or Advertiser’s images and graphics. We build all of your loops for all your hosts. We take care of the ad uploads based on where you want the ads to play. We also provide additional entertainment content for the screens: live news, sports, local weather feeds, fun facts, trivia questions, and even automatically power on and off the TV’s according to the host operating hours.
What are the Fees I pay to N-Compass TV?

Unlike most franchise or business opportunities, you keep 100% of every sale you make. There are only two flat fees. The first is $500 a month, this fee helps us offset the cost of the support staff that create and places your ads. The second is a $75/mo licensing fee for each host location. This second fee is easily offset by either selling an ad into the location, or charging the host location a small fee.

I am Interested in Moving Forward. What’s the Next Step?
A defined protected territory is mapped and we send you a contract for review.
How Much Does a Dealership Cost And What Is Included In A Dealer Package?

We offer 3 Packages. Our average Dealership Package cost is $35,000 and includes:

  • A protected territory – population size of 150,000.
  • Business logo design.
  • Website creation and life-time maintenance.
  • Start-up marketing and sales materials: business card design, host and advertising contracts, leave-behinds, full motion ads and branding for your screens, presentations to show on tablet immediately after training concludes, custom demo loops for Hosts and Advertisers.
  • Zoom  training.
  • 2 Day Online Training
  • Ongoing training and support from the N-Compass TV Team who will go over every aspect of the business in detail and show you how to run your business. We also provide recorded webinars as well as individual coaching. Our robust post-training program is ongoing and designed to keep you on track. We make every effort to support you on your journey to success.
  • 20 Component Players
  • Ad Creation for Hosts and Advertisers for the life of your business
What Is A Host Location?

A Host Location is a business that allows you to install an indoor digital billboard inside their business. A host location is generally a local favorite, high-traffic business with good customer dwell-time.

Who Sells the Ads Running in the Host Locations?

The Dealer, or anyone the Dealer designates to work for the business. N-Compass TV will train you – it is not necessary to have any type of sales experience – you just need to have a general comfort speaking with people.

What Equipment is Required to Run this Business?
Digital media players with our proprietary software (which we provide), TVs, mounts, cables, wireless keyboard, laptop or tablet, and a phone.
Typically, How Long Does an Ad Run?

Ads can vary in length. You can run :15 sec, :20 sec or :30 sec ads. The loops are 15-minutes on average. Your customer’s ads will play approx. 3-5 times an hour. Each customer will receive approx. 1800 ad plays a month in each host location that they play in. It is a very affordable and competitive way for local businesses to reach a high number of people with a high rate of frequency.

How Do I Get Paid from Selling Ads?

You invoice and collect your money from your customers. When you are setting up your business, N-Compass TV can educate you on the various ways to invoice and collect. Most of our Dealers put their advertisers on monthly credit card charges and just run the card every month.

Do the Screens Play Sound?
System-wide they do not. All content is designed without audio. Audio is a negative distraction for employees in host locations.
After I Say “Yes” and Decide to Become an N-Compass TV Authorized Dealer, What Happens Next?
Your protected territory is secured with a down payment of $5,000 and the contract is executed. You will be contacted by our Onboarding Specialist with a warm welcome and will schedule your first webinar.

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My search for a small business after transitioning from the corporate world was exhaustive. N-Compass checked a lot of the boxes that I was looking for. I believe strongly in their business concept… they have put a major focus on sales support, providing one on one and group coaching, as well as customized sales materials

Larry Haber

Authorized Dealer, Atlanta, GA