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We connect local businesses to their customers through our Network of Indoor Digital Billboards placed in popular businesses throughout the Front Range. These screens display full-motion ads about the business hosting the screen, ads for local businesses in the area, and relevant local content. This network of screens allows you to reach your customers where they work, shop, eat, and play! We have locations all over our community. 

N-Compass TV Denver

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With N-Compass TV Denver’s Indoor Digital Billboard Advertising, consumers can’t flip the page, change the channel, or turn it off. Our growing Indoor Billboard network has expansive coverage across Colorado, and the surrounding United States, allowing you to reach consumers with disposable income, in hundreds of high-traffic locations. Reach tens of thousands of customers every month with your custom full motion advertisement!




Cheese Ranch is one of our favorite locations to visit for lunch. Delicious sandwiches made fresh that pair perfectly with yummy cheese tray, there’s not much your couldn’t love. Our Screen in Cheese Ranch is located right in the front of the store, entertaining customers as they wait in line.


Our screens can be found in many popular locations throughout the community. Reach thousands of customers every month with your custom full motion ad designed specifically for your business.



We offer unique enhanced packages for even greater visibility. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity!

Website Design + Management

Every business needs a website. Whether you’re just starting out or your website hasn’t been updated in years, we can build a custom website to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • State of the art, mobile-friendly website for your business
  • Custom design to engage your customers and power your brand

Geofencing campaigns

Target mobile users with pinpoint accuracy. Our campaigns bring more customers to your business.
  • State of the art, mobile-friendly website for your business
  • Custom design to engage your customers and power your brand

Google Buisness Profile Management

Improve your ranking on the world’s most popular search engine
  • ncrease visibility on google by uploading photos every month, responding to reviews, and posting using keywords
  • Correct Citations across the most frequented online directories

custom design services

Our dedicated and creative design team will meticulously create brand assets that will inspire, inform and captivate customers.
  • Logo
  • Banners and Covers
  • Flyers
  • Print Media

digital menuboards

Instantly update, change, or schedule your eye-catching digital menu.
  • Highlight Specials or lesser-known items
  • Upsell current customers with special offers
  • Promote Events
  • Reduce Costs and increase engagement from customers


Join our growing network of 2,500+ nationwide venues! 
When you become a part of our network, you become a part of a thriving community of restaurants, bars, arenas, and venues all across the United States


Venue Partner Perks:

INside Your Location

Become a venue partner and we will professionally install all of the necessary equipment for your indoor digital billboard

Receive a collection of eye catching full-motion, and still advertisements specifically designed for your business that will display on your indoor billboard.

Use Your indoor billboard to promote Happy Hour, Special Events, Daily Specials, High ticket price items, Charities and fundraisers

Outside Your Location

Not only do we allow you to talk to your customers on the inside of your establishment, but you will reach people on the outside too! Venue partners also receive thousands of ad plays across our growing network of indoor billboards in neighboring business!

Nautilus Water

Quinn and the team at N-Compass TV has been an incredible support since day one of my business. Starting a new business is stressful, and overwhelming, but working with them took a lot off my plate and helped me jumpstart my brand. My work with them started when I needed a logo and website for my Water damage and mold removal company. They were speedy, and meticulous when it came to meeting my requests. When everything was said and done, I had a brand I was really happy with! The team was incredible in helping me get a presence on google as well as getting my advertisements in front of people. I am a little over a year into this business, and I can say that I would not have reached this level of success without the help of N-Compass TV.

Nautilus Water and Mold Damage Professionals
Joel Studebaker

The N-Compass team is extremely supportive, flexible, and always willing to help. They have been willing to look at all of my ideas and explore them to make sure that we have the best solution possible for both the dealers and N-Compass… I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with N-Compass and very excited about the future of this business!

Joel Studebaker
Carl Erikson

The training and support have been fantastic from day one… Everyone has been so helpful in all aspects of the business, from Sales, Marketing, Creating and Submitting Ads, the Tech Aspect of the business, to Digital Marketing and etc. The N-Compass Team lets you learn and grow at your own pace.  They want you to be successful. This is a growing industry, and if you follow the business model, your chance for success is very good. An interesting business that has a lot of moving parts. As a Dealer, N-Compass will give the support and advice you need when you come on board to learn the business and then take it to the next level.

Carl Erickson
Susan Thompson

My favorite item about this business is I am not alone. Everyone at N-Compass are easily accessible and helpful. From continued training, answering my questions, giving me advice and they cheer me along!
… With all of their support I have been able to reach the goals I set for myself.
Thinking of taking the leap? I can highly recommend being a dealer with N-Compass. 

Susan Thompson
Lansing, IL

We have only had the screen in our location for a week and we are more than happy! Our customers have something to look at when they come in and are waiting in line.

We have signs all over the place but digital brings it to a whole other level. I’ve actually seen people step to the side and watch the screen while they eat their doughnut and sip their coffee. People really do notice the screens. Especially our regular customers!

Winchell's Donut Shop
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