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“My favorite item about this business is I am not alone. Everyone at N-Compass are easily accessible and helpful. From continued training, answering my questions, giving me advise and they cheer me along!
… With all of their support I have been able to reach the goals I set for myself.
Thinking of taking the leap? I can highly recommend being a dealer with N-Compass.

Susan Thompson

Authorized Dealer, Lansing, IL

“It has been 1 year since I went full time into this (business), I am at the point now where I am making as much as I was working full time for the man

Brian Gleva

Authorized Dealer, Mill Creek, IN

The training and support have been fantastic from day one. I want to thank Ron for being patient with me in my decision to join N-Compass. Everyone has been so helpful in all aspects of the business, from Sales, Marketing, Creating and Submitting Ads, the Tech Aspect of the business, to Digital Marketing and etc. The N-Compass Team lets you learn and grow at your own pace.  They want you to be successful. This is a growing industry, and if you follow the business model, your chance for success is very good. An interesting business that has a lot of moving parts. As a dealer, N-Compass will give the support and advice you need when you come on board to learn the business and then take it to the next level.

Jeff Dewey helped me jump-start my territory. Great guy and an outstanding salesman. He showed me what needs to done and provided excellent advice. Patrick is my go to guy since I started my business.  When I have a question or two, he gets back to me right away with good answers and advice.  I have no doubt he will be a big help to me in the growth of my business.

Carl Erickson

Authorized Dealer, Sullivan, IL

“Some of the major drivers that caused me to take the leap were the conversations with dealers around the country and the foresight of N-Compass to pivot and add complimentary services in the first half of 2020. One of the large dealers I spoke with mentioned that he had owned franchises previously and the support at N-Compass was second to none.

I can now vouch for that having been in the business for over a year. The N-Compass team is extremely supportive, flexible, and always willing to help. They have been willing to look at all of my ideas and explore them to make sure that we have the best solution possible for both the dealers and N-Compass. The N-Compass team added online marketing solutions in the first half of 2020 adding staff when most other companies were trimming back. The foresight of adding online solutions to balance out the impact of something like covid I found impressive. It also helps me sell to customers when I explain to them that we are a full service digital solutions company. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with N-Compass and very excited about the future of this business!

Joel Studebaker

Authorized Dealer, Hudsonville, MI

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My team and I have been very impressed with both the amount and the quality of the training at N-Compass TV. The trainers have been great.  Both informative and fun to work with. 

Bill Christman

Authorized Dealer, SAINT CLAIR, MI