Kyle M.
"The N-Compass team is skilled, responsive, and far exceeded our expectations. We very much enjoyed working with N-Compass. Sean has been extremely responsive, and what I really love is that we're working with a team of people. When we had our first on-boarding call, there were seven people sitting in the room. There was no way I could hire one person who was as skilled as each of those seven people. They were experts in their area. One of the challenges we face is that we are a mobile business, so we're moving from market to market. A benefit of working with N-Compass is that they have data for the markets we’re moving between, which allowed them to reach our target demographic in each city. The importance of this really showed during the Little Rock Campaign. We did $200,000 in sales in the first three weekends. N-Compass helped us reach our main goal of increasing our door sales. Overall, we're excited to continue working with N-Compass as we move into the Memphis and Saint Loius markets."