We have only had the screen in our location for a week and we are more than happy! Our customers have something to look at when they come in and are waiting in line.

We have signs all over the place but digital brings it to a whole other level. I’ve actually seen people step to the side and watch the screen while they eat their doughnut and sip their coffee. People really do notice the screens. Especially our regular customers!

Winchell's Donut Shop
Cheese Ranch Deli

N-Compass TV has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. People have noticed me out in the community and that’s more than you can ask from any marketing approach. It’s also fun to see your own messages on the screen when people are in.

People are truly entertained by the motion from our screen. It’s so cool to see yourself featured especially when you are showing events. People see what’s happening without even having to check the website. I am happy and proud to be partnered with N-Compass TV.

Mountain Side Gear Rental

Within days our first ads, we have had customers repeatedly walk through our door and tell us they saw our ad. The ads created by their creative team are better than we could ever imagine putting together ourselves and the support from the local team is fantastic. Any issue with the display TV or an ad update is handled immediately.

Our partnership with N-Compass has resulted in new revenue that we otherwise would not have captured. We will continue to partner with them for as long as we are able to do so and I strongly recommend that you consider doing the same…They really care about and are involved in the communities they do business and for me that is very important.

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