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Invest in your Future

A low-cost investment that allows you to change your life.

There are only a few paths in life that lead to creating wealth. Working for somebody else is not one of them. If you’re ready to change your life, N-Compass TV is the best business opportunity that will allow you to reach your goals. Watch as your hard work finally starts paying off!

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Passive Income

Ads are created with a plan to be repeated 3, 6, or 12 months at a time for best marketing practices. The ads are made to generate you steady income so no extra worries or stress!

Flexible Schedule

No matter what your schedule is, you can make this business opportunity work for you.

No Brick-and-Mortar

Run your business from home – no real-estate or office leasing necessary.

Affordable Start-up Costs

We have a model for anyone’s budget. Dealerships start at just $25,000.

Booming Industry

The out of home media industry is the fastest growing media category – driven almost entirely by digital innovations like digital billboards.


No matter what your goals are, N-Compass TV can support them. Whether you just want to supplement your retirement or create a corporation, we have a dealership model that can help you realize your dreams.


The booming out of home industry

Out Of Home (OOH) is the only traditional advertising category that grew in the last two years – driven largely by the exploding Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) industry. By 2023, the DOOH market is expected to grow to $26.21 billion. Digital Billboards have changed the face of OOH advertising forever. And we’ve been on the forefront of this digital revolution for over 12 years.

Out Of Home advertising reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption habits are. Billboards can’t be skipped or paused or blocked, and targets people on the go – where they spend 70% of their waking hours.

We’ve brought this technology inside to local businesses, allowing your customers to target consumers where they’re on the go in their daily lives.


Out of Home Advertising

Effectiveness and Reach


place-based screens in the United States

Our brains process visual information

faster than text

OOH’s rank for the fastest-growing forms of advertising worldwide

Reasons Why Indoor Digital Billboards

is the popular choice

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My favorite item about this business is I am not alone. Everyone at N-Compass are easily accessible and helpful. From continued training, answering my questions, giving me advice and they cheer me along!

Susan Thompson

Authorized Dealer, Lansing, IL